Service and Usage Agreement

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  1. Parties
    The Parties shall be referred to as Kariha Web Agency, briefly as Kariha in this agreement. This agreement is accepted and confirmed when placing an order through the website kariha.net.

  2. Terms of Service
    • Membership
      Customers are required to provide accurate information when creating a member account. The information must be accurate to avoid issues during the invoicing process. If intentional or unintentional incorrect information is detected in the member's details, Kariha reserves the right to withhold activation or freeze the account until the information is corrected.

    • Software
      Kariha delivers the software as described on the website or in a special agreement. Software includes specific options within itself. Technical support, software development, and usage assistance are provided for a separate fee, as specified in the special agreement. The customer acknowledges and commits to paying 100 times the license fee if the software provided is accessed, duplicated, or distributed, whether paid or free, by third parties.

      • Sub-Links in the Software
        For websites created using the ready-made site option, a Kariha link is present under the site, unless the link removal fee is paid. If the link or links under the site are removed without paying the fee, all services will be suspended without prior notice. Services will be reactivated upon payment of the link removal fee.

    • Traffic
      Your traffic usage varies according to the selected packages and the service used. The monthly traffic allocation for your chosen package resets on the 1st of each month. If your traffic quota is exceeded, your account will be suspended until the next month. If you wish to reactivate your account, you can upgrade your package to a higher bandwidth one.

    • Reseller Hosting
      Reseller customers are responsible for providing support to their own customers and cannot request support from Kariha for their customers. Additionally, they are responsible for the security of their own customers. Kariha is not responsible for any issues that may occur to the customers of reseller users.

    • Spam
      We are against sending unwanted emails. Accounts of users sending spam emails will be closed without prior warning when identified. For Hosting and Reseller Hosting services, the daily sending limit is 240 emails. This limit includes emails sent to authorized users. Services hosting accounts with email addresses leading to blacklisting of our IP address will be terminated swiftly. Accounts terminated due to spam will not be refunded.

    • Backup
      Kariha regularly backs up its customers' accounts. Backups are taken for the previous two days separately. While Kariha provides this backup service, customers are responsible for creating backups themselves in case of hardware failures (such as hard disk failure), force majeure events (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.), or other reasons preventing access to their backups. In case of customer request, Kariha can restore backups for free once within 1 month. Subsequent requests for backup restoration will incur a fee.

    • Dedicated Server & Managed Server & VPS & Cloud VPS
      Kariha will deliver the server introduced in the promotion within 24 hours after payment is made. For dedicated servers, Kariha is responsible for ensuring that the server operates and is accessible. For managed servers, Kariha is responsible for the necessary maintenance and management to ensure optimal performance. In recurring 30-day agreements, if the CUSTOMER does not notify Kariha of the cancellation request at least 7 days prior to the billing date, the contract will renew monthly.

      Kariha is not responsible for actions taken on the server or for any data stored on the server. In the event of an "abuse" situation on the server, the customer must provide the requested information within 24 hours. If the customer does not respond, the server will be suspended until the "abuse" situation is resolved. This 24-hour period may be waived in cases of heavy spamming or attacks.

      For this service type, port numbers 25 and 465 can be opened after the first 30 days and payment. After the 30-day period, requests can be made following payment of the invoice. However, the creation of a request does not guarantee the opening of the ports.

    • Hosting & Hosting Services
      Web Host customers cannot sell their accounts to others or sell Kariha services to other users. Web Hosting customers cannot request free installations. Our duty is to provide our customers with the highest accessibility and reliable hosting. Hosting service is meant for hosting a website; any usage beyond this purpose may result in a warning, suspension, or termination. Unauthorized sharing, copying, or publishing of products, photos, videos, books, and other copyrighted works that are illegal or require restricted licenses is not allowed. If Kariha identifies such behavior, the customer's account will be closed without prior notice. In cases where shared web hosting services cause issues on the server, Kariha can suspend or terminate the related hosting account. Kariha will assist in the migration of the site when a customer upgrades to a VPS or Server.

    • Domain Name
      Domain names registered through Kariha are managed through the customer panel. Tasks such as creating DNS records, generating EPP codes, and changing contact information are performed by the customer. Kariha will attempt to assist the customer with tasks they cannot perform. The customer is responsible for forwarding documents to the email address info@kariha.net and confirming their delivery.

  1. Support
    All support requests must be made through the customer panel and include the required information. Reseller and Server customers cannot receive technical support for the sites they host (excluding server-related issues). Customers who will use Reseller hosting services must provide support to their own customers. SUPPORT CANNOT BE PROVIDED OR REQUESTED VIA PHONE, SKYPE, LINE, ETC. If support requests contain insults, offensive language, or derogatory remarks, the customer's account will be deleted without prior warning.

  2. Notifications
    Kariha will use the email address provided by the customer for all types of notifications, including the renewal period. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the provided address is valid, belongs to an authorized person for the services, and is kept up to date. Kariha may also use SMS or phone calls to inform the customer to prevent any data or service loss.

  3. Accuracy
    The customer acknowledges that the information provided during the application and/or after using the services is accurate and up to date. The customer cannot claim any compensation for damage or loss resulting from incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information provided to Kariha.

  4. Delivery
    Kariha will install the services the customer specified during the application on its system or on the customer's specified system. This installation occurs immediately in online and approved payments. In the case of bank transfers such as wire or Swift, services will begin within a maximum of 1 business day after the payment is received by Kariha. The responsibilities of the parties regarding the activation of the service are specified in Article 8.4.

  5. Fees and Fee Changes
    Kariha provides information about service fees at the time of the online order through the website or via email. Kariha reserves the right to make adjustments to all service fees. Kariha will not provide individual notifications for changes in service fees. By continuing to use Kariha's services, the customer acknowledges and accepts the terms of the current contract and the applicable fee schedule for payment.

  6. Automatic Renewal
    The customer can set up automatic renewal for services in the Kariha system. For services with automatic renewal enabled, invoices will be automatically generated when the renewal date is due. If payment is not made, the service will be suspended. Backups and data of services with overdue payments will be deleted automatically.

  7. Right of Withdrawal
    For hosting services purchased through online orders, the right of withdrawal can be exercised. However, the customer acknowledges that according to the regulation related to distance contracts, there is no right of withdrawal for services other than hosting services as specified in this agreement.

    The regulation regarding distance contracts, Article 15: "Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for the contracts listed below."
  1. Customer's Termination Right
    Customers with active automatic renewal for services can request the cancellation of their services by opening a support ticket through the customer panel at least 30 days before the end of the service period. Customers without active automatic renewal can request cancellation of their services at any time by opening a support ticket. In this case, the services will be terminated. However, the customer cannot request a refund for the service period they will not receive. Upon termination of the contract, the customer's debts to Kariha will be collected on the termination date.

  2. Kariha's Termination Right
    Kariha may terminate this agreement without stating a reason by providing written notice to the customer. In this case, fees paid by the customer for services not used but previously paid will be refunded. If the customer violates the conditions stated in this agreement or Kariha's Service Usage Terms, Kariha can terminate the provided services without prior notice. In this case, fees paid by the customer for services not used but previously paid will not be refunded. If necessary payments cannot be collected from the customer, the contract can be terminated immediately. In this case, fees paid by the customer for services not used but previously paid will not be refunded.

  3. Kariha's Limited Liability
    Kariha will make reasonable efforts to ensure the continuity of the provided services. However, Kariha does not guarantee that the services provided will fully meet the customer's needs, will be uninterrupted, error-free, or reliable. The customer cannot hold Kariha responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use or inability to use any service provided under this agreement.

  4. Transfer Procedures
    The customer cannot transfer the services covered by this Agreement to another party without notifying Kariha in writing. For individual memberships, the transferring and receiving parties must submit their photocopies of identity cards along with signed letters. For corporate memberships, the transferring party must provide a signed letter on letterhead paper along with the signatures of authorized personnel and the company seal. The customer must send these documents to the email address info@kariha.net and confirm their receipt.

  5. Resolution of Disputes
    For any disputes arising from this agreement, including the renewal period, Turkey / Muğla / Fethiye Courts and Enforcement Offices have jurisdiction.